Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to Basic - Simple Simpler Simplest

Nash Coffee @ Nash Donuts & Bakery

well...it's finally the 9th day of CNY... Most chinese were busy with "Bai Ti Gong" last nite while i was driving down to SP to meet up some old frens. Life has been tough recently when i eventually "removed" 2 of the most important persons from my life.... the one that i loved so much and the one that i trusted so much. now, back to basic, i finally got them out from my life, which i should have done this long time ago. some must be asking WHY? if they are important, then why removed them from my life? well, it's easy and best described with one word, BETRAYAL. the next question will be "HOW"... and i chose not to answer this one for my own reason.

now, life gets simpler, at least i think so...i do what i like to do, movies, karaoke,bowling and shopping....the only difference is that, i am alone right now. eagerly hoping to meet and get to know new gang and new frens...leaving all those betrayal behind. yes, it's not easy to start afresh but i guess that's the only thing and the best to do, in order to avoid more hurt feelings and bad days.

let's move forward, with a new perspective.....learn from the past, from the lessons i got with a terrible price paid. Guys, pray for me.... and i will pray for you guys too...


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