Wednesday, April 15, 2009

one month

did you ever realize? today is the 30th day we got to know each other? i doubt you ever noticed that. yes, i know i am not important in your life.even if i disappear from your life one day, you might not realize that i am gone.
love is really simple yet complicated...just like me...i try so hard to be simple...but yet...things still get's hard to love....really, it is...and it is painful when you are seeing the one you love so much to suffer because of the one he loves...and yes, the most painful part will be, he knows that you love him but he just cant place his eyes on you, even for another moment...
love can turn someone silly....doing things that he never will do....hoping for some miracles that never come true...and yes...that's the reality...never come true..
i wonder how many 30 days more i will need to stay still like this...until i can wake myself up, getting away from my silly dream...hoping that you will look into day...and now, the one day, seems to be too faraway....seems to be impossible to be matter how hard i try....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just In Time

when i am trying hard to forget....
when i am trying hard to let go....
just in time...
workload increased incredibly...
no time for me to waste...
no time for me to feel sad...

tried so hard to be a bitch..
yes, i finally am a bitch now...
one night stand? not a big deal..

dun ask if i still love you..
of cos i do...and i am trying to get that over..
as my love is not needed..

dun ask why..
because this is my choice..
to leave and let you go...
because i know,
only when you are freed from me...
then you will remember me...
even just hate..
it still one kinda feeling of you towards me...

i am sorry...
yes i am...
but please...
dun forget me..
cos i am just another bitch in town..

Friday, April 3, 2009

MimPi yG x Sdah

Ibnor Riza

Mimpi Yang Tak Sudah

Apa makna impian
Datang dan pergi
Membawa hati
Menyusuri kembali
Jalan-jalan sepi

Kau kah di situ
Yang menantiku
Atau jelmaan
Dalam kenangan
Yang bernama pengalaman

( korus )
Siapakah di antara kita
Dengan rela menjadi pendusta
Siapakah dulu membina harapan
Dan siapa yang memusnahkan impian
Tanpa sebab dan alasan
Kau lahirkan perasaan
Bagai taufan tiba-tiba datang
Dan menghilang

Kau bayang-bayang
Masa nan silam
Ada ketika terbawa-bawa
Oleh resah mimpi yang tak sudah

( ulang korus hingga akhir )